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5 Lebanese Street Food You Should Try Once

The best way to taste the taste of Lebanon is to enjoy the street-style. The food that is served at these vendors is a staple of our society for thousands of millennia. It’s no wonder that people are enthralled by the food in summer, when everything about this country appears fresh, from the fresh flowers being sold near, vendors selling their goods on every corner or sitting around an open flame pit and sharing stories beneath the starry skies there really isn’t anything better than savoring the food that local chefs can serve you.

Shish Kebabs

Traditional Lebanese shish kebab recipe made from lamb marinated in an assortment of salt, garlic, pepper and your selection of spices. The meat is then skewered using vegetables like onions, capsicum mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and capsicum. It’s then grilled to perfection. These highly portable meals can be eaten on the go (perfect for those busy days) however they are also great additions to summer barbecues just ensure you serve them alongside some healthy sides such as salads to ensure everyone gets something different tasting and still enjoys their food.


Shawarma sandwiches are delicious. It is made of thinly cut pieces of marinated pork that has been slow-roasted for hours on a vertical skewer. The meat is perfect with tahini sauce, lettuce tomato onion pickles and chicken.

This sandwich is the best! The sandwiches can be bought anywhere, even if there is no “ifice” in front of the door. The pita-based food is loved all over the world particularly in Arab nations like Lebanon. It was first introduced in an era when farmers would sell their products at markets instead of farming.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, or a huge fan of delicious food-falafel wraps are going to be your new favorite snack. These chickpea balls fried are made of chickpeas. They’re mixed with spices like garlic, cumin, and coriander chili powder and then they’re shaped into cones. Then they’re wrapped in pita bread. Then, they’re decorated with lettuce onion pickles and pepper rings. This is a delicious food for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.


Kebbeh is considered Lebanon’s national dish and has been eaten in this region of the world for a number of years. It is made from burghul (a kind of cracked wheat) and diced onion ground meat that is usually lamb but sometimes other meats such as beef or chicken chopped pine nuts and an variety of spices from salt pepper cumin Cayenne to cinnamon. It can even be spiced up with heat by the addition of chilies also. The mixture is then stir-fried to golden brown.


Kheer bandooki is a meat lover’s dream come reality. The street food is prepared by grinding ground lamb, beef or chicken. They are then seasoned to perfection, then shaped into cigar-shaped cylindricals. Then , they’re cooked on open flames over skewers.

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