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All You Need To Know About Bullheaded NFTs

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is growing and numerous brand-new, however, mostly low-quality projects are launched every single day. We set out with one objective when we launched NFTs that were bullheaded. To develop something that could be placed in the top tier, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki or other similar. We’re proud to say that we have succeeded. Read on to learn how you can be a part of it, before the public even gets to know us.

What exactly are Bullheaded NFTs and how do they work?

Bullheaded NFTs are 7,777 custom items featuring bully breed dogs that come in different styles, backgrounds, and other characteristics. The collection is all registered with the Ethereum blockchain, with each token following the ERC-721 standard. This ensures ownership security, and the security of transactions for future holders. Our collection will follow the footsteps of world-renowned projects. They demonstrated that NFTs could provide very solid intellectual property, exclusive benefits on-and off-line and plans to get people happy, and thus build a following.

The NFTs with a bullheaded look can do all that and more. The collection will feature a variety of high-quality art that’s not just varied but also comes with a host of advantages and perks to holders which are expected to increase value of the BullHeads’ inherent demand and value.

What makes Bullheaded NFTs so special?

Let’s take a closer look at the things that distinguish BullHeads from the rest. First off, we can’t pass by the high-quality and variety of artwork that BullHeads feature. Every BullHead is a random mix of over 160 characteristics and specs. Each BullHead comes with a distinct character that includes a vivid combination futuristic clothing, eyewear and weapon as well as an expressive face. BullHeads are predicted to be highly sought-after, and their price will increase substantially when they are publicly traded.

Let’s discuss the unique benefits and features that owning a BullHead gives. Our goal was to not only create high-value intellectual property without utility, but to make complete use of digital ownership via NFTs and give BullHeads numerous advantages. When we launch, these will include access to an exclusive club of global holders, benefits related to blockchain, and private events. There are many more coming from the areas of DeFi gaming, P2E and BullHead DAO airdrops and all the rest.

What’s the path for Bullheaded NFTs?

We are ecstatic to have a plan that promises exciting times. Bullheaded NFTs is a distinct organisation that takes you on an amazing journey.

How do you get your Bullheaded NFT

Join our social media accounts, and you can get the BullHeads pre-minted for 0.7 ETC plus gas. Also, you can purchase your bull at the mint that is open to the public for 0.8 ETC + gas. Let’s get going together.

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